Welcome to the city of Hluthvar. DR 1492

We are group that meets every other Wednesday night at the Gaming Goat in Kewanee, IL. The campaign takes place in the Forgotten Realms in the city of Hluthvar (Heh-luth-var), located in the Sunset Vale just west of the Far Hills.

In DR 851 on commission of the city leaders in Iriaebor, Hluthvar de Borall and his adventuring party spent two decades clearing the Sunset Vale of many of its worst denizens. As reward for the party’s success they were allowed to build manors in the Sunset Vale. Iriaebor’s hope was to establish a nation spanning from Cormyr to the Reaching Woods. Hluthvar had his manor built by the lake and he built a traveler’s inn shortly afterward. The Inn became a popular stopping location for travelers, adventurers, and Caravaners from all over the area. By the time Hluthvar passed away from natural causes in 884 the location by the lake had grown into a small hamlet.

Now days, Hluthvar is a popular stopping point for caravans out of Cormyr and Scronubel that wish to avoid the taxes imposed on caravans in Iriaebor. The route through the Far Hills and the Reaching Woods is treacherous and dangerous. Only the hardiest and best guarded caravans traverse this route. A lot of the merchandise coming through is quality items and when a caravan comes in, the city is all a buzz. Lots of raw silver flows through Hluthvar on its way to Scronubel thanks to the silver mines located about 25 miles to the southeast. Every week a load of 70-80 five pound bricks come to Hluthvar from Olathe. A few of the bricks remain in Hluthvar and for this reason silver trade bars stamped with Helms symbol is the most common form of money. One trade bar is worth 5gp in Hluthvar, outside of Hluthvar the trade bar is only worth 3gp.

From the highest lookout at the temple of Helm, a keen-eyed watcher can spy the black towers of Darkhold on a clear day, over sixty miles to the northeast. Firm vigilance, a strong ten-foot wall, well trained militia and devoted worship of Helm are all that prevents Hluthvar from falling to the denizens of The Reaching Woods, The Far Hills, and the Sunset Mountains. Relationships with Darkhold are strained at best. In centuries past Hluthvar was a target of the Zhents and Darkhold. Now that Darkhold is under different leadership and has a new political direction they do not appear to be a threat to Hluthvar anymore but that does not mean that they are trusted. Zhent mercenaries are common place in Hluthvar these days.

These days Iriaebor is a source of economical hardship for the city. Iriaebor has pledged allegiance to Elturgard but secretly plots to slow the kingdoms expansionism any farther. Iriaebor continues to pressure Hluthvar to slow down caravan trade through the region. Hluthvar has resisted the efforts and enjoys a beneficial alliance with Elturgard without having to swear allegiance to the kingdom. As such Elturgard has established an Embassy in Hluthvar with a diplomatic contingency of ten members.

Small City – Population: 7,759
People: The humans of Hluthvar are primarily a mix of Chondathan, Damaran, and Tethyrian cultures. The races in Hluthvar are very diverse with the exception of Underdark races. Most races are tolerated in Hluthvar but there is still a lot of animus against the more unique races (Centaurs, Tieflings, Dragonborn, Half-Orcs, Ogres, Genasi)
Language: Next to the Common tongue, Chondathan is the most popular language spoken.
City Leader: Nevin (LN male human Cleric (Protection Domain) lvl-14)
Religion: Helm (House of the Guardian) – The temple guards are supervised by a Paladin Order known as “The Eyes of the Guardian.”
Shrines: A shrine to Tymora is located in the southern part of the city. A shrine to Mielikki is located in the woods to the northwest of city that was erected and is maintained by the Rangers in the area who hunt in these woods.